360° Walkthrough

360° Walkthrough

A 360 degree tour allows your customers to experience real estate, trade fairs, showrooms and all other places interactively. For a virtual 360° tour, we will photorealistically reproduce your locations using 3D visualization. Thanks to 3D rendering, there are no limits to implementation and your floor plan can be walked on in three dimensions. This means that the same room can be built with different equipment. Or a new product can even be added later in the virtual showroom. Thanks to 3D rendering, a 360 degree tour offers many advantages.

360 ° Sense Of Space

Instead of moving through a 2D photo gallery, your visitors move in a three-dimensional location.

Interactive Touchpoints

Each 360 degree tour can be expanded with photos, videos, documents, contact forms or integrated websites.

Digital Implementation

A visit from us on site is not necessary thanks to 3D rendering - everything is implemented remotely and digitally based on the floor plan.

24/7 availability

A virtual tour is independent of viewing times and can be visited at any time from anywhere in the world (also password-protected).

Individual Design

Whether logo, menu, colors, fonts or icons - all visible elements can be individually designed according to your corporate design and branding.


On request, we can deliver the entire data package for hosting on your own server - or we can take over the hosting directly.

360° Demo Showroom

Experience our interactive and virtual demo showroom here. This location designed by us was made tangible thanks to 3D / CGI technology as a 360 degree walkthorugh. Explore all rooms and click on the touchpoints for further exemplary elements. Can you also find our hidden Easter Egg? A little tip: "Fly me to the moon ...". (currently only available in german language - of course, we can also integrate a language selection.)

your project

Your personal Project Manager plans and steers your project until successful completion. Furthermore, we are always available to advise you. Digitization is not a one-time project but an ongoing component of any business.