AR without app? This works out!

Ever since the Pokémon Go app, augmented reality has been a household name. By projecting extended content through the camera of a smartphone or tablet, 3D models, information, animations and much more can be displayed interactively. There is currently a new opportunity for e-commerce: Products can be displayed in 3D without the need for a separate app - with AR Quick Look.

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We create true-to-original 3D models of all kinds of products. Whether sofa, carpet, speakers, garden furniture or fashion items: all products can be used for AR Quick Look. Our short AR showreel shows some applications of selected products in augmented reality - of course without an app and super easy to use.

AR quick look

With the quick look function, it is possible to view products in augmented reality (AR) immediately on the smartphone. No further app needs to be downloaded or installed. Simply click on the appropriate button and the 3D model can be freely rotated, scaled and placed in the room.



test live now

The AR quick look function works with all modern smartphones and tablets. To test our 3D models live in 3D and in AR, simply open this page on your smartphone or scan the QR code.

advantages of AR quick look

  • no app installation necessary
  • works with all modern Apple + Android devices
  • easy implementation on any website or online shop
  • models in AR are shown in their original size
  • added value for your customers - emotional ties
  • 360° view, freely rotatable and placeable
  • consideration of light, shadow and reflections
  • reduction of the return rate - thanks to virtual testing
  • increase your own digital brand image

AR for Google

Google is currently testing a 3D button in the search results for mobile devices with selected brands. At Studio 2038, we use the same technology as Google, with the difference that we already offer our customers today the implementation of all products as 3D and AR files on the website or online shop.

To test, simply type one of the following search queries mobile via smartphone on Google. The product can be viewed in 3D or in AR using the "View in 3D" button.

your project

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