Product Vizualization

Product Vizualization

Whether furniture, consumer goods or industrial prototypes - with our photo-realistic 3D product visualizations you will convince your clientele thanks to modern technology. Details, quality and a true-to-the-original representation of your product range are important to us. Thanks to our experience, we create sales-promoting product images in a consistent visual language - for online stores, catalogs, posters and more.


Product visualizations using 3D rendering are ideal for all furniture variants. Our workflows are particularly effective for rendering diverse size, material and combination variants of furniture pieces. We digitize surfaces such as fabrics and leather on the basis of samples. This is how we create photorealistic 3D visualizations for furniture.

  • Examples

    Size and material variation, upholstered furniture, wooden furniture ...


Sales-promoting and high-quality product images make the difference, so that you stand out with your product from the active competition. With 3D renderings you use the technical advantages compared to classic product photography and convince your buyers with detailed product visualizations.

  • Examples

    Product images, Amazon, online store, woocommerce, assortment visualization ...


High-priced products require high-quality emotional product images. Thanks to the many years of experience of our 3D artists, we know how to perfectly stage a wide variety of materials. Thus, we develop an authentic and true-to-the-original representation of all surface materials of your product, which it needs to trigger the desired feeling with your clientele.

  • Examples

    Fashion, luxury, jewelry, accessories ...


3D product visualizations offer the possibility to make all product details visible through "X-ray views", cross-sectional visualizations, installation situations or exploded views. Even complex machines or prototypes that have not yet been produced can be displayed photorealistically using 3D rendering. With already existing construction data (CAD) the 3D modeling effort for your product image is reduced.

  • Examples

    Exploded views, X-ray view, cross-section visualization, installation and application situations ...

What does CGI and 3D rendering mean?

CGI stands for Computer Generated Imagery , i.e. German computer-generated imagery. Animations, visualizations and effects are rendered using special software. This technology is called CGI . Here it depends primarily on the experience of the 3D artist and “craftsmanship”. However, we also use the latest artificial intelligence technologies in order to achieve the best possible result for you.

On the other hand, 3D rendering is the final result, i.e. the image calculated by the computer.

3D rendering, on the other hand, refers to the final result, i.e. the image calculated by the computer.

Ab wann lohnt sich eine 3D Produktvisualisierung?

Ein 3D Produktvisualisierung kann sich bereits ab der ersten Visualisierung lohnen – nicht nur, wenn z.B. ein klassisches Fotoshooting gar nicht möglich ist (z.B. Prototyp eines Produktes) oder eine einheitliche Bildsprache eines Produktsortiments bedeutend ist (z.B Online-Shop).

Besonders kosteneffektiv können 3D Renderings für Produkte mit vielen Varianten sein – z.B. diverse Farben oder Materialien, verschiedene Perspektiven, optionale Bauteile etc. 3D Visualisierungen sind ideal, um Skaleneffekte zu realisieren.

Mit dem 3D Modell, also dem „digitalen Zwilling“, eröffnen sich zudem weitere interaktive Möglichkeiten in 3D wie z.B. Augmented Reality.

Was kostet ein 3D Produktbild?

The costs are always individual and depend on the project effort and the desired quality. The complexity and quality of the input files for the project have an impact on the time required. We give a little insight into the cost structure in our blog post "What may a 3D rendering cost? “

We would be happy to calculate your project based on a briefing and prepare a free, non-binding cost estimate. request a project now

We will be happy to calculate your project on the basis of a briefing and prepare a non-binding cost estimate free of charge.

Wie lange dauert die Umsetzung einer 3D Produktvisualisierung?

Der zeitliche Aufwand ist immer abhängig von der Komplexität der Visualisierung und ob Objekte noch individuell in 3D modelliert werden müssen. Ein Freisteller auf Basis von CAD-Daten benötigt weniger Zeitaufwand als z.B. eine Architekturvisualierung mit vielen Details. Innerhalb von ca. 4-5 Werktagen liefern wir zumeist den ersten Entwurf zur Abstimmung. Mit termingerechten Produktionen sind wir bestens vertraut und erstellen auf Wunsch bei Projektstart eine Zeitplanung mit Meilensteinen.

In the context of framework agreements or permanent production pipelines, even shorter lead times are possible.

CAD data is already available - can it be used for a 3D rendering?

As a rule, we can process all common CAD formats such as STEP, SAT, DWG, and IPT. Of course, we take existing CAD files into account when preparing a quote, as they reduce the basic 3D modeling effort. For more insights, check out our blog post:

„Was sind CAD-Dateien und wie können diese für Visualisierungen genutzt werden?“

Wie läuft die Umsetzung von 3D Produktvisualisierungen mit Studio 2038 ab?

Before the start of the project, you will meet your personal project manager to clarify any final questions about the project. In the background, we already start the project planning and the team is briefed internally. Our specialized 3D artists then start with the implementation. In joint coordination, the 3D visualization is optimized - including two correction loops, if necessary.

With our tools, we make the joint collaboration comfortable for all parties involved. After approval, we deliver the final data in the desired resolution and archive all project data for possible follow-up orders.

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Your personal Project Manager plans and steers your project until successful completion. Furthermore, we are always available to advise you. Digitization is not a one-time project but an ongoing component of any business.