3D Animation

The terms 3D rendering and 3D animation are often used synonymously. When we use the term animation, we refer exclusively to moving images and film. For more information on the topic of 3D visualizations, we recommend taking a look at our topic page for 3D rendering:


Your product will come to life with a 3D animation. Moving images are fascinating, understandable and convey the necessary emotional message. This message can ultimately be decisive for your customers' purchase.

Cost Effective

Compared to classic film production, there are no costs for renting locations, logistics, travel expenses, etc. with a digital implementation. Thus, animations are often more cost-effective and sustainable.


Products in need of explanation can be visualized with an animation. X-ray views and exploded views are some of the many possibilities that can only be implemented with 3D.

Audio and Voice Over

For the emotional fine-tuning of your 3D animation, we are happy to add high-quality sound effects, suitable background music and organize a professional voiceover for your script.

360° animation

A 360 ° animation offers the ideal introduction to the field of moving images. Show your product once around its own axis - whether as a cut-out or in a realistic environment and application situation. We construct the "digital twin" on the basis of CAD files or we are happy to model it on the basis of references.

  • Examples

    E-commerce, product detail pages, Amazon, individual applications ...

3D product animation

Each product is individual and the USPs need to be highlighted in the best possible way. In mutual consultation, we develop a storyboard and plan perspectives, tracking shots and animated processes. Thanks to 3D software, ideas can also be implemented that could only be implemented to a limited extent or not at all using classic film production.

  • Examples

    E-commerce, consumer goods, trailers, assembly instructions ...

Animated commercials TVC

Whether as a professional TV commercial or as a clip for social media. With our team, we are happy to take on the complete production from storyboard to 3D implementation to the organization of a suitable voice over. Thanks to 3D animation, we can bring products to life.

  • Examples

    TVC, commercials, social media, image films ...

Technical 3D animation

3D animations are also particularly popular in the industrial sector. Complex processes, assembly and maintenance instructions or the animated display of prototypes can be ideally illustrated. Expanded with voice over and text, an explanatory product becomes a visually understandable 3D animation.

  • Examples

    Exploded views, assembly and maintenance, X-ray view, techn. Operations ...

3D Rendering

On our topic page for 3D renderings we have compiled further information for 3D visualizations. We would be happy to advise you individually and personally - we look forward to your message.

What do CGI and 3D animation mean?

CGI stands for Computer Generated Imagery , i.e. German computer-generated imagery. Animations, visualizations and effects are rendered using special software. This technology is called CGI . Here it depends primarily on the experience of the 3D artist and “craftsmanship”. However, we also use the latest artificial intelligence technologies in order to achieve the best possible result for you.

When is a 3D animation worthwhile?

Every product can be perfectly staged via 3D animation - regardless of whether it is a prototype or an existing one. A 3D animation is also recommended for products that require explanation. A high-quality animation can show complex processes in a simplified manner.

Possibilities such as X-ray views, cross-sectional views and exploded views can only be displayed to a limited extent or not at all using classic film production. 3D animations offer a suitable alternative for this.

What does a 3D animation cost?

The costs are always individual and depend on the project effort and the desired quality. The complexity and quality of the input files for the project influence the time required. In addition, factors such as resolution, frame rate, duration, sound effects and post-production determine the price of an animation.


The processes to be animated can also have different complexities. An animated tracking shot, for example, is less complex than moving an armrest from a sofa. Instead of a fixed pricing based on time only, we therefore usually plan according to content-related actions and processes.


We will be happy to calculate your project on the basis of a briefing and prepare a non-binding cost estimate free of charge.

How long does it take to implement a 3D animation?

The time required always depends on the complexity of the animation and whether objects still have to be individually modeled in 3D. A simple 360 ​​° animation based on CAD data is, for example, implemented faster than a sofa modeled from scratch in 3D with many moving elements.

Before each more complex animation, we create a storyboard in mutual consultation, which is used as a script for the 3D artist. The following applies: The more thorough the planning, the more efficient the implementation in the 3D software.

We are very familiar with on-schedule productions and, if required, create a schedule with milestones at the start of the project.

CAD data is already available - can it be used for a 3D animation?

As a rule, we can process all common CAD formats such as STEP, SAT, DWG, and IPT. Of course, we take existing CAD files into account when preparing the offer, as these reduce the basic effort in 3D modeling. You can get more insights in our blog post:

"What are CAD files and how can they be used for visualizations?"

How does the cooperation with Studio 2038 work?

Before the start of the project, you will get to know your personal project manager in order to clarify any final questions about the project. Project planning starts in the background and the team is briefed internally. Our specialized 3D artists then start with the implementation. The 3D animation is optimized in cooperation - including two correction loops, if necessary.

With our tools, we make collaboration comfortable for everyone involved. After approval, we will deliver the final data in the desired resolution and archive all project data for any follow-up orders.

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Your personal Project Manager plans and steers your project until successful completion. Furthermore, we are always available to advise you. Digitization is not a one-time project but an ongoing component of any business.