how it works

What's up with Virtual Reality? Is not the hype already over? VR can be a useful tool for customer loyalty in marketing, as long as the applications provide meaningful added value for the end customer.

Virtual Reality in 3 minutes

Virtual Reality (VR) stands for immersion in an interactive virtual environment. Whether in gaming, at trade fairs, in showrooms or even online, VR offers new opportunities in digital marketing. The following video makes it easier to get started and shows what possibilities VR offers in the meantime.


360° videos

Virtual reality can not be experienced only with VR glasses. Even 360 ° videos beam us to places that probably only a few of us will ever visit. Just start the video and pause while holding down the mouse.

best usage of VR

Virtual reality does not always make sense. So that a VR development is not a gimmick but an application with real added value, it is first of all necessary to analyze the goals of a VR implementation and discuss the most sensible options together. Virtual Reality can provide real value in the following areas:


Entering places, rooms or exhibition stands, even though they do not yet exist? With VR applications, this is possible from any location.


Employee training, training and education can cost-effectively take place without travel and material consumption thanks to VR.


The first generation of VR glasses for Sony Playstation 4 already inspired many gamers. VR offers a completely new immersive gaming experience.


In the virtual room, remote maintenance can be performed under guidance. Components and descriptions can be projected in this way.


With Virtual Reality, products that are worthy of explanation can also be displayed interactively. Whether playful or serious depends on the target group.

Point of Sale

Emotions and experiences always have an effect on sales. VR can convince as a virtual sales consultant with product information.

your project

Your personal Project Manager initiates, plans and steers your project until successful completion. Furthermore, we are always available to advise you. Digitization is not a one-time project but an ongoing component of any business.