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6. January 2020
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6. January 2020 Studio2038

How 3D renderings will revolutionize marketing in 2020!

Almost everyone knows the blockbusters such as Star Wars, Avengers and Toy Story. All of these movies have one thing in common: they were produced on the computer using CGI . CGI productions using 3D renderings and animations have long since been withheld not only from Hollywood with unearthly millions of budgets. The same technology can also be used efficiently in marketing for small and large companies alike. Either as a single image or as an animation.

CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) refers exclusively to computer generated and produced images or image worlds, using a special 3D software.

CGI productions as photorealistic 3D renderings or 3D animations offer various economic and organizational advantages compared to classical photography (see also: The Comparison: What's better, CGI or photo?). It's clear that many companies are choosing the path of digital product presentation. In a fast-paced world where content has to be produced quickly, cross-medially, target group-specific, and most affordable, 3D renderings are a fitting solution.

Studio 2038 Möbel Freisteller CGI Otto Waifair Amazon 3D Modell Rendering fotorealistisch

No photo! This picture shows a photorealistic 3D rendering of a sofa.


What are the benefits of 3D renderings in marketing?

Assuming that a marketing department requires a visualization of a piece of furniture in an interior scene for an online shop in e-commerce or a printed catalog. Compared to classic photography, 3D rendering eliminates the tedious search for a location, the resource-intensive planning of logistics between storage and shooting, and the time-consuming assembly and dismantling of the furniture and the scene, as well as any costs incurred second-grade goods. In the 3D software we create a 3D model , like a “digital doppelganger” of the product and build the location digitally based on the individual wishes of the customer. Subsequent adaptations such as color and size variants can also be displayed at any time. These are just a fraction of the benefits of 3D rendering. The 3D model itself can of course be reused for any further project, e.g. for a 360 ° animation, for a product configurator on the website or in an augmented or virtual reality application.

3D renderings can be used not only in the furniture industry, but also in the area of ​​ automotive, architecture, aviation, industry and consumer goods . Thus e.g. prototypes, products or real estate are shown in advance, which are still in the planning phase. X-rays or cross-sectional images can also be rendered digitally without the original product having to be damaged during a photo shoot. Whether interior, exterior or as a cut out against a white background, everything is thanks to 3D | CGI possible.


Did you already know? How other companies use 3D | CGI in marketing

Companies like Ikea, Otto and Wayfair have long recognized the benefits and use 3D | CGI already in their everyday advertising activities. Without you really being aware of it, you've all seen a 3D rendering already.

  • over 75% in the IKEA catalog are 3D renderings
  • Otto invests over 2.6 million in 3D | CGI
  • Wayfair builds its own internal 3D | CGI pipeline

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Small and large automobile brands such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Tesla also have their latest car models digitally visualized. This means that advertising measures can be started even though the vehicles are still in production.


Conclusion: 2020 heralds a new decade of digitalization

Small, medium-sized and large companies should take advantage of 3D renderings for product presentations in 2020 e.g. recognize in e-commerce, on the website or in print! In the coming months and years, classic product photography will be increasingly replaced by 3D renderings. The end customer will see absolutely no qualitative difference to a classic photo. Renderings therefore offer the same quality for less money and also offer numerous advantages and application examples in digital marketing.

We are also happy to assist you in getting started with digital marketing! Whether it is a first idea, a consultation or a specific project request: We look forward to your message!

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