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24. September 2020
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24. September 2020 Studio2038

What chance does a virtual fair offer?

Due to the corona pandemic, numerous trade fairs, exhibitions, conferences and events have been canceled worldwide. These include almost 500 trade fairs from Germany alone , which will not take place this year (source: Handelsblatt online ). Digital alternatives are currently in demand so as not to lose touch with business partners and customers. Production and innovation cycles are often based on relevant upcoming trade fairs. For many companies, business must therefore continue and new products and innovations are best presented at trade fairs. At no other place do so many interested parties come together in the shortest possible time to get in touch with companies. Of course, many companies do not want to miss this opportunity and are now using the offer of a virtual trade fair .


canceled trade fairs worldwide


canceled trade fairs in germany

Virtual trade fair as a 1: 1 replacement?

Even if many trade fair organizers still hope to be able to return to "normality" beginnin 2021, one thing is clear: The Covid-19 pandemic will also make the trade fair business sustainable change and the visit to a trade fair in 2021 must be thoroughly reconsidered. Not only for cost reasons, but also for health reasons to protect employees and colleagues.

Digital and virtual trade fairs should by no means represent a 1: 1 replacement for the "real" exchange between new business partners and customers on site. Rather, a virtual exhibition stand should be a current alternative to maintain sales in times of travel restrictions and ban on events. Even after the end of the crisis, virtual trade fairs will continue to be a digital addition , in order to give interested parties a platform that cannot be there live.


The handshake must also take place virtually first


Virtual trade fair saves costs

It is not uncommon for many relevant trade fairs to take place in parallel, which enormous organization and travel expenses entail to actively participate in all trade fairs. The sales department has the possibility to sort according to relevance, which trade fairs are actively visited and which virtual trade fairs are visited online. With regard to climate protection and changing travel behavior, digital trade fairs offer a environmentally friendly way to take an active part in events and to receive new offers and information from the industry. Supply and demand determine the price, including the cost of accommodation. 300% fair surcharge is not uncommon for hotel prices in big cities.

Possibilities of a virtual fair

The large German trade fair organizers already offer digital solutions from which companies can buy to present their goods and services online. As with a real trade fair, what counts here is that those who pay more have more presence. Supplemented with streamed live lectures, avatar gadgets and digital after-hour parties, the offer is complete. Individual designs of the virtual exhibition stand are only limited to the choice of colors and company logo. It remains to be seen whether companies are willing to invest a lot of money in a format where it is not yet known how many active participants there will be due to a lack of experience. Especially since, comparable to a real exhibition, the virtual exhibition is also limited to a certain time, so that customers and business partners are forced to be in front of the PC or laptop at a certain time.

Greatest added value: Individual virtual exhibition stand

We at Studio 2038 are of the opinion that the focus should not be on the trade fair experience itself with virtual parties, but on products, goods and services that are offered. It should also be possible to call up a virtual exhibition stand 24/7 online around the clock in order to give international interested parties the opportunity to get flexible information at any time. A virtual and individually designed exhibition stand can be placed on the company's existing company website or hosted on a separate new landing page.

A 360 ° tour can be supplemented with interactive symbols to include text, photos, videos, links and PDF documents such as To accommodate product catalogs. On request, a hotline, a live chat or a contact form can also be added so that the active personal exchange for advice and sales remains. It is not uncommon for a real trade fair not to be able to show all of the products in the range in the original. With a virtual exhibition stand, designed according to your specifications and in your personal branding, this is not a problem: We digitize your products as a 3D model and make them interactive: 360 ° rotation, changing colors, animated attachments and accessories or Placing the product live in the environment via Augmented Reality (AR). The digital possibilities are almost limitless and everything can be individually programmed and experienced. Customers, business partners and dealers are thus offered an opportunity to engage actively, emotionally and completely informally with products and thus to convince themselves of your products.

Already have an idea in mind? Please send us your project by email or give us a call. We would be happy to advise you individually as to which virtual trade fair is the best solution with the greatest added value for your company. We look forward to your message!

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