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29. October 2019
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29. October 2019 Studio2038

How companies like Otto and Wayfair uses the advantages of 3D renderings.

CGI productions as photorealistic 3D renderings or 3D animations offer various economic and organizational advantages compared to classical photography (see also: The Comparison: What's better, CGI or photo?). Klar, dass da viele Unternehmen den Weg der digitalen Produktdarstellung wählen. In einer schnelllebigen Zeit, in der Content schnell, crossmedial, zielgruppenspezifisch und am besten bezahlbar produziert werden muss, stellen 3D Renderings eine passende Lösung dar. So nutzen die Möbelgiganten Ikea, Otto und Wayfair die Vorteile von 3D Renderings:

CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) refers exclusively to computer generated and produced images or image worlds, using a special 3D software.

# 1 Example: Over 75% in the IKEA catalog are 3D renderings

Already in 2005, Ikea used CGI and printed a 3D rendering of a wooden chair in the famous catalog. Nobody came up with the idea that this could not be a photo. Ikea adopted the advantages of 3D renderings and in 2008, the first photo-realistic rendering of an Ikea kitchen for the print catalog followed. Today, over 75% of visualizations are 3D renderings. Inhouse Production of Ikea is using a huge data base of over 25.000 models and textures CG-Artists can thus create a whole kitchen with decoration in a few hours in the 3D software. In comparison, building a real photoshoot would take days. Ikea also takes advantage of country and target group specific adaptation. While a bedroom in German catalogs is more adapted to Western European habits, the same room in India is culturally adapted to the country.

Ikea trained in recent years, all photographers to 3D artists. At the same time, all 3D artists learned from the photographers what to look for in a good studio lighting. A perfect example of why digitization does not have to cost jobs.

IKEA's interactive IKEA Place app also provides augmented reality Solution based on 3D models. Users of the app can place selected products in their own four walls in their original size. The annoying measurement before buying thus eliminated:


# 2 Example: Otto invests 2.6 million euros in digital image technology

The german company Otto from Hamburg has according to own data approx. 2.8 million items in the assortment. The effort to photograph all these products professionally and uniformly represents an unimaginable effort. Only the factors location search, logistics, construction and dismantling of the furniture make the task seem almost impossible. CGI has the advantage of delivering the same quality as a classic photo. Also subsequent product extensions such. new additional colors and sizes of a sofa can also be rendered at a later date to the same quality. Look and imagery are preserved for the recognition value .

By the end of the fiscal year 2021/2022 Otto has set itself the goal of representing at least 70% of the entire furniture assortment and 35% of all articles in the home and home textile sector using CGI. Otto is also working on a augmented reality app to help customers anticipate their desired furniture products home as a virtual 3D model.



# 3 Example: Wayfair builds an automated render farm

Similar to Otto, Wayfair also has millions of products in the online shop, which must be presented in a way that is as appealing, consistent and professional as possible. Image material has been supplied by the respective international and numerous manufacturers. Of course there were several differences in perspective, image quality, format, styling and look. To counter this, Wayfair decided to program and set up a automated render farm . CGI agencies and service providers upload the created 3D models of the products through a platform provided by Wayfair. The 3D visualization is rendered by workflow in a standard scene with a predefined light . This ensures that the image look always looks uniform in the end. No matter how many suppliers and agencies work with Wayfair. For all those interested in technology we recommend the following link: Building a Living 3D Rendering Platform at Wayfair

But also in the TV commercial Wayfair uses the advantages of CGI 3D animations to represent the variety and adaptability of products animated: watch the video on

Conclusion: Digital image technologies not only for the big names in the industry

CGI is not just deprived of the big giants of the industry. Small and mid-sized companies should also recognize the benefits of 3D renderings for product presentations in e-commerce, on the Web site or in print. Through our many years of experience in the agency and media industry, we have already worked together with brands such as Wayfair and Otto. The lessons and the experiences we now bring in Studio 2038.

We are also happy to assist you in getting started with digital marketing! Whether it is a first idea, a consultation or a specific project request: We look forward to your message!

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