3D real estate visualization

Beautiful photos? Wrong thought! These visualizations are 100% computer generated using CGI. Based on DWG files, this Spanish apartment was rendered in photorealistic quality. The realism and the authenticity arises among other things by the focus on the details.

  • Service

    3D Rendering

  • 5K

    4.961 x 3.508 px

  • Input

    Grundriss, DWG, PDF

  • Output


Why using a 3D rendering?

  • 3D rendering can no longer be distinguished from a “real” photo
  • Digital home staging saves you time and money
  • no transport, assembly and disassembly of the "real" furniture necessary
  • Representation of every conceivable furnishing style, thanks to our large database
  • Visualizations promote sales and increase value
  • All 3D scenes can be changed and adapted flexibly at any time
  • Interaction possible (virtual reality, augmented reality, configurator, 360 ° views ...)

What do we need?

In order to implement your very own 3D real estate visualization as a photo-realistic rendering, we need the floor plan of the property, e.g. as DWG file or as PDF. In close cooperation, we jointly determine the perspectives and furnishing style so that your customers can find themselves in the property. The more input files we get, the more realistic the end result will be.

  • Floor plan as DWG or PDF file
  • area plan for realistic light and outdoor environment
  • References for desired furniture or default style
  • Specifications for desired materials (e.g. floor, wall, ceiling, etc.)
  • Specifications for special features (e.g. door handles, window sills etc.)
  • optional: camera angle specification
  • optional: integration of 3D | 2D people

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