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3D Interior Rendering

Due to 3D | CGI locations no longer needs to be searched for, rented and set up. Photo-realistic 3D visualizations of interiors and products offer a cost-effective alternative. The costs for transport, assembly and dismantling of the products are eliminated. Of course, individual requests can also be flexibly implemented and realized.

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Clay Rendering

In a so-called clay rendering, the display of materials and textures is initially dispensed with. This creates a neutral view of the 3D scene and the lighting of the room. In reality, this representation would not be feasible. The output of a clay rendering of a 3D production not only helps the 3D artist to better assess the scene structure, but also the customer as a template for an intermediate step.

How other companies use 3D | CGI in marketing

Companies like Ikea, Otto and Wayfair have long recognized the benefits and are using 3D | CGI already in their everyday advertising activities. For this we have written our own blog article, which deals with the three giants of the furniture industry and shows the possibilities in the 3D area.

• over 75% in the IKEA catalog are 3D renderings
• Otto invests over 2.6 million in 3D | CGI
• Wayfair builds its own internal 3D | CGI pipeline

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