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Based on product and material samples, various 3D product images of lifestyle products made of vegan and recycled leather were modeled, textured and visualized in this project. The aim of the project was to replace existing product photos of different quality in the web shop with high-quality uniform image material using 3D renderings.

Each of the products can be equipped with specific materials for leather and hardware. Due to the numerous details of the products, a representation from different perspectives was necessary. In this way, as many details as possible could be presented. Therefore, a high number of 3D product images was required overall.


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Batch Rendering

For efficient production, an individual script was programmed for this project, which could combine dozens of manually prepared camera settings, light settings, model variants and material combinations. In this way, hundreds of photo-realistic 3D product images could be created, which would have been disproportionate to work out manually.

With this batch rendering approach, which is ideal for large amounts of images, an extremely cost-effective effective image price per motif could be realized. In addition, this setup can be expanded in a modular way and is therefore future-proof for subsequent product images in the long term.

Since the range is constantly evolving, this approach using 3D / CGI is a good idea, as it allows adjustments to models, materials and colors to be implemented at short notice. Consistency with the previous 3D product images is always guaranteed.

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