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Design of a brand-neutral field sprayer

For ONE SMART SPRAY, a joint venture between Bosch and BASF, we developed a unique design of a brand-neutral self-propelled field sprayer based on existing vehicle model data in close consultation with the customer.

The model was expanded to include the detailed technical components (cameras, lights, Smart Control Unit) of ONE SMART SPRAY and depicted in an agricultural application scene. The customer's solution combines state-of-the-art image processing technology, agronomic intelligence and digital applications. The image processing technology recognizes the scanned plant in real time and applies the crop protection products only where necessary, thus conserving resources and protecting the environment.

For maximum technical accuracy, young corn plants in the growth stage "BBCH 12-16" were specially modeled and implemented in coordination with agronomists. The motif was rendered in a daytime and a nighttime setup.

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