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3D visualization chocolate bar

This project involved recreating, texturing and photo-realistically rendering the yfood Hazelnut & Chocolate bar in the form of a high-resolution 3D model with packaging. The goal was to use the rendered image for use on a retail display. Using specialized 3D software tools, the 3D model of the bar was created and carefully textured to faithfully reproduce the surface details, colors and materials. For this we used the final artwork of the product packaging as well as various samples of the original bar.

  • Service

    3D Modeling, 3D Rendering

  • Visual

    Product Vizualization

  • High Quality

    13.500 x 13.500 px

  • Output


3D rendering advantage

A key advantage of 3D rendering over traditional food photography is its flexibility. The final 3D model of the bar can be easily placed at different angles and positions to achieve the desired viewing angle and perspective. This can create visual effects and an appealing appearance that would be difficult to achieve with traditional photography techniques. Another advantage of 3D rendering is that the image resolution is high and scalable. This allows for accurate rendering even at large sizes, as was needed in this project. The details of the bar, such as the fine pieces of nuts and the chocolate texture, are rendered razor-sharp and create a realistic impression.

In addition, the final 3D model offers the possibility to customize the appearance of the bar as needed. Colors, lighting and background can be easily adjusted to create different moods or embed the bar with different varieties in different marketing campaigns. This ensures maximum flexibility and a consistent brand experience.

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