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3D production for XXL motifs for Swiss advertising trams

Within the framework of the anniversary of the 5-year cooperation between Denner and IP-Suisse, various motifs for a campaign were designed by the client. It quickly became clear that the planned motifs could not be photographed due to the technical and optical requirements. But thanks to the possibilities of a 3D implementation, a tractor with trailers filled with apples, carrots, milk churns and grain sacks was created - all implemented 100% as a 3D rendering.


pixel width


pixel height

Our largest 3D conversion so far is the motif of the tractor. In order for the print image on the tram to look high quality and sharp, it was necessary to render this high resolution of almost 30,000 pixels. This was the only way we could meet the technical DPI requirements.

3 arguments for CGI

The 3D conversion of the motifs by means of CGI results in 3 essential advantages, which make the technical difference compared to photography:


Thanks to 3D implementation, the tractor and trailer could be individually textured in the Denner colours. Thus, these motifs fit seamlessly into the brand's corporate design and create a uniform look on the trams.


As the trams in Zurich, Bern, Basel and Geneva have different dimensions, the motifs had to be adapted to the size of each carriage. This meant that individual adaptations were necessary. Thanks to the 3D objects, these could be flexibly adapted and the uniform look was preserved.

High resolution

Thanks to our smart workflows, we were able to render the motifs in a very high resolution of up to 30,0000 pixels. No photograph or stock photo could have met all the technical requirements in this way.


Our XXL 3D renderings can now be viewed by all Swiss people in various cities. The advertising trams are running in Zurich, Basel, Bern and Geneva. In Lausanne you can discover the printed bus.

Special thanks to the photographers who provided us with the photo material:

  • Luc Eichenberger
  • Markus Wagner
  • Peter Ackermann

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