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Hydrogen aircraft H2FLY

Generic hydrogen aircraft in 3D

The goal of this project was to create a realistic and detailed model of a generic hydrogen aircraft to serve as a basis for future developments and visualizations. The project was based on various references and examples of aircraft and prototypes of different types. In close cooperation with the customer, all components of the non-real aircraft were developed and elaborated. In addition, a planned aircraft hangar was visualized to provide an insight into future plans.

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    3D Modeling, 3D Rendering

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    Product visualization, architectural visualization

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The biggest challenge in this project was to create a detailed and realistic 3D model of the hydrogen aircraft, even though no physical prototype existed. It required intensive research and analysis to understand the basic structures, proportions and design elements.

The development phases included the creation of the basic model, the addition of detailed components and the fine-tuning of the design. Regular feedback loops with the customer were conducted throughout the process to ensure that the model met expectations.

Parallel to the modeling of the aircraft, the planned aircraft hangar was also visualized. Based on the construction plans provided, a 3D visualization of the hangar was created to give a realistic impression of what the hangar will look like in the future. This allowed the client and stakeholders to better visualize how the entire project might look in the future.

The renderings were presented to the public for the first time at a major press event. The visualizations were picked up by leading news outlets such as Tagesschau and helped raise the profile of the project.

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